Our Story


Silvia Kurniasih (Phia) started her career with a University’s background in Graphic Design from York University in Canada. After working for 2 years, she discover her fascination is in Accessories Design - creating beautiful artistic accessories that will enhance one's beauty. She is passionate in mix-matching different kind of materials and orchestrating them into a work of art. This passion is what keeps Phia going despite of many challenges and obstacles in the industry. Phia highly adores the originality of one creation and she believes that originality should come from an honest soul. That what makes a piece of art becomes soulful. That is how she comes up with the brand "Origo".


Origo was formed in 2005 by accessories designer Silvia Kurniasih (better known with her nickname Phia). Initially, Origo started only as a private brand only sold to family and friends. However, through referrals and word of mouth, the customer base grew to friend’s friend. The referrals grew to invitations for consignments to penetrate the retail market. There were few Media Coverage on the discussion on the design and the product. In 2011 during the Obama Visit, Origo was appointed to create a custom Jewellery for Michelle Obama and her children as a gift from Indonesia. Origo is a Latin word which means Original”. The philosophy is to create exclusive designs so that every woman can experience her uniqueness by owning a specially-designed product just for her that can enhance her beauty.